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Welcome to NetMD5Crack

Message Digest Algorithm 5, commonly referred to as MD5, is the internet standard in security applications. The algorithm yields a hash consisting of a 32 digit hexadecimal number, allowing for 2128 unique outputs. There is no way to decrypt an MD5 hash. While there is no way to decrypt an MD5 hash, they can be cracked. An attacker may use a brute force method in an attempt to crack a hash. Brute forcing is when the attacker puts all imaginable combinations of characters through the algorithm and checks the outputs. When an output is generated with the same hash as the original, the attack is finished and the attacker has cracked the hash. NetMD5Crack offers another way for security analyzers to decrypt hashes. We have compiled a database of over 170 million hashes and their plain text. To use our service simply enter a hash into our FREE MD5 cracker. Our database will be searched thereafter. If we have the hash in our database then the plain text will be returned, saving you hours of time executing brute force attacks.


What?! An update after 5 years? 01/05/2014

It has been been several years, 5 to be exact, since netmd5crack was last updated. I recently had the inspiration, and more importantly the time, to improve a things. Some of you may have noticied that netmd5crack previously had a 100 hash/day limit help keep down server load. (Not that it stopped many of the bots that rotated proxies and frequently brought the server to its knees.) The recent improvements to netmd5crack's cracker were significant enough to remove this

Good News!
Netmd5crack's backend was scrapped and re-written and to be much more effecient and scalable. The backend of the cracker has been upgraded from a single server to a small cluster with plenty of room to grow. What does this mean for users? Page load times for the cracker should drop from 7-10 seconds down to less than a second under normal use. The 100 hash per day limit has also been lifted so users can click (or bot) to their heart's content without having to fumble with rotating proxies.

If there is enough interest in it, netmd5crack may offer a rest API. For any questions or suggestions please contanct
posted by: Admin

Many large site updates. There are now 171,392,210 unique entries in the database. The new search algorithm has been implemented as well. Search times should be in the sub second range again. We have also added a Submit Word page. Users can now suggest words to add to the database. Help us make our database the best out there!
posted by: Admin

Database updated, there are now 60,281,659 entries in the database. Search times have increased as a result. Look for improved search times in the near future. We are planning on adding number sequences containing 0-9 up to 8 digits in length in the near future as well.
posted by: Admin

We decided to update the look of the site with new blocks and style along with more options and content. The hash database was updated as of 6/8/09.

Costs for hosting and other site related costs are adding up. We have added donation button if you are feeling generous and appreciative of our FREE service to you.
posted by: Admin

Welcome to NetMD5Crack, an online MD5 hash database. Our goal is to provide users with a quick and effective way to crack MD5 hashes. The site works by storing millions of pre-cracked hashes in a database. When a user attempts to crack a hash, our scripts search the database to see if we have already cracked the hash. Upon opening the site we have over 7,000,000 pre-cracked hashes. Enjoy your stay.
posted by: Admin